The Underemployed

Salon Video (full length)


Redstar Ventures hosted Underemployed & Underserved on November 14th, 2012.

Panelists & Moderators:


Derek Thompson, Senior Editor, Atlantic Monthly

Derek is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic, where he oversees business coverage for the  He is also a visiting research fellow at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget at the New America Foundation.  He has written for Slate, BusinessWeek, and the Daily Beast.  He has appeared as a guest on radio and television networks, including NPR, the BBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Derek has written extensively on the economy and relevant topics ranging from student debt to wage stagnation.


Jeet Singh, Managing Director/Co-founder, Redstar Ventures

Jeet Singh is a Managing Director and co-founder at Redstar Ventures, a startup "foundry" that identifies large scale market trends and develops ideas and companies to exploit them. Prior to Redstar he was co-founder and CEO of Art Technology Group (NASDAQ:ARTG). 


Jean Hammond, Angel Investor, Golden Seeds, Launchpad, Hub Angels, JPH Associates

Jean is a successful entrepreneur and angel investor in the high-tech industry. She was founder and CEO Quarry Technologies.Her first company, AXON Networks, was acquired by 3com for $65M in 1996. She is a member of Launchpad and Hub Angels and co-founded the Boston branch of Golden Seeds (focused on investing in women-managed businesses). Her investments include Zipcar, Pixability, Zagster, Network Subscriptions, International Strategies, MedCool, Nellymoser, Homeportolio, MobileSecure, iTeam and 600-lb gorillas. Jean is an active board member of Boston Rising, which studies inner-city poverty and chronic unemployment. Jean is also co-founding LearnLaunch to support start-ups focused on learning and educational technologies.


Gardner Carrick, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Manufacturing Institute

Gardner leads the Institute's research activities and is involved withpartnerships with internationally recognized consulting firms and the production of a regular series of reports on the issues and challenges affecting the U.S. manufacturing sector.  He leads the Institute's efforts with the U.S. military to assist transitioning personnel and is also responsible for workforce and education outreach activities in several states. Prior to joining the Institute, Gardner worked at the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration where he served as the Project Director for a $325 million initiative focusing on talent development in 39 regions across the country. The project worked to integrate the workforce development, economic development, and education strategies of a region to create the talent base required to drive economic growth. He managed a team of over 100 staff and consultants working on the project.


Harry Schiff, Founder/CEO, Agent Anything

Agent Anything is an online marketplace which makes it easy to hire students for all kinds of temporary jobs, tasks, errands and other simple services. The idea for the business came to Harry while studying at Princeton University, where, in the depths of the recession, more and more students started taking on part-time jobs to help with tuition bills. At the same time, decreased earnings were putting pressure on companies to cut back on full-time staff and professional services, creating a labor gap that could be filled through easy access to inexpensive, short-term labor.


Seth Rosen, Co-founder/COO, Custom Made

Custom Made is designed to connect craftsmen and consumers looking for custom-made merchandise. Within two years of launch, the company's community has grown from 350 carpenters to 2,100 artisans of multiple media across the country. Designers and craftspeople have leveraged their skills to create additional income streams and, in some instances, full-time employment.