Redstar is a company that creates companies.

We take them from the earliest stages of ideation and grow them through their first institutional funding rounds and beyond.

We begin the process by identifying interesting market trends and opportunities and systematically develop a constellation of concepts through our in-house creative process. 

Concepts are filtered and refined through our rigorous market research efforts, and the most promising candidates are seed funded for real-world validation and further rounds of institutional funding.

The Redstar Ventures business development team is comprised of top-class professionals with backgrounds in research, business and consulting. 


Our process

1. Research investment themes and markets prior to selecting a target ecosystem.

2. Generate dozens of internal ideas within the target market opportunity.

3. Apply our rigorous methodology to determine the very best business opportunities.

4. Once we have decided to fund it, we assemble the senior management team and get to work building the company. 


We believe in building businesses that meet real needs based on emerging trends.

We pursue themes that have long-term potential, and can be transformative and meaningful to large sectors of business and society.

We have explored themes such as Food, the Aging Population, Underemployment, and New Consumer Finance. 

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You can read about some of the companies we've started here.