Redstar Ventures is a creator of new businesses.

We identify markets with high potential, long-term growth, and good opportunities for investment, partnerships and acquisitions.

We develop our own ideas for those selected markets into start-up firms, combining company-building and venture investment under one roof.

We are charting our own course, using a market-driven approach to create long-term value in startups.

The Redstar Ventures business development team is composed of top-class professionals with backgrounds in business, consulting and research. 

We research investment themes and markets prior to selecting a target ecosystem.

We generate dozens of internal ideas within the target market opportunity.

We apply our rigorous methodology to determine the very best business opportunities.

Then, we choose one company to start. We fund it, assemble the senior management team, and get to work building the company.


We believe in building businesses that meet real needs based on emerging trends.

We pursue themes that have long-term potential, very large scale, and can be transformative and meaningful to large sectors of business and society.

We have explored themes such as Food, the Aging Demographic, Underemployment, and New Consumer Finance. 


You can read about some of the companies we've started here.